Lydia Marinelli

Lydia Marinelli (1965-2008) was one of the most brillant Austrian historians of her generation. After studies at the University of Vienna where she took her PhD in 1999, she became curator at the Sigmund Freud Museum and served later as a director of scientific research. Her exhibitions, all realized at the Freud museum Vienna, were major contributions to a renewal of the image of Freud and psychoanalysis. In her publications, she was the first one to study in closer detail the role of the media and of material culture in the making of psychoanalytic knowledge in a deep epistemological sense. Both her dissertation on the International Psychoanalytic publishing house and her collected papers (under the title Tricks der Evidenz, edited by Andreas Mayer, Vienna, Turia + Kant, 2009) were published posthumously.

Books by the Author

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