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Publication Date: Apr 23, 2013

320 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-600-3

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Mo Said She Was Quirky

A Novel

James Kelman, the Man Booker Prize—winning author of How Late It Was, How Late, tells the story of Helen–a sister, a mother, a daughter–a very ordinary young woman. Her boyfriend said she was quirky but she is much more than that. Trust, love, relationships; parents, children, lovers; death, wealth, home: these are the ordinary parts of the everyday that become extraordinary when you think of them as Helen does, each waking hour.

Mo Said She Was Quirky begins on Helen’s way home from work, with the strangest of moments when a skinny, down-at-heel man crosses the road in front of her and appears to be her lost brother. What follows is an absorbing story of twenty-four hours in the life of a young woman.

“A marvelous achievement, restrained and deeply moving.”–Booklist

“Mo said she was quirky is an unassuming book that achieves a terrible grandeur. James Kelman gives us, in his compelling narrator Helen, a guide through the rough life of those who live with poverty, racism, doubt, and–in spite of it all–hope. This compassionate, humane novel comes as close to creating life–writ both large and small–as is possible in literature.”–Sabina Murray, author of Tales of the New World and winner of the Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction

“Mo said she was quirky is a brave, compassionate book, and Kelman is a singular and unique talent. I know of no other writer who conveys as accurately the rhythms and experience of everyday life. This is one of his best books.”–Shannon Burke, author of Black Flies

“A bracing stream-of-consciousness tale of life on London’s lower rungs from the veteran Scottish novelist and Booker Prize winner…a gritty and wise snapshot of urban life.”–Kirkus