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Publication Date: Apr 12, 2016

176 pp


List Price US: $8.99

ISBN: 978-1-59051-760-4

Mon amie américaine

A Novel

“There are interesting themes of friendship and guilt in this slim volume. Halberstadt’s approach ultimately reveals that friendships are mirrors, and when bonds break, we have to reckon with sides of ourselves we may not like.” —Publishers Weekly

“Brief, poignant, and affecting.” —Library Journal

“[Mon amie américaine’s] dark conclusion is astonishing in its honesty.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Bruce Benderson’s translation from the French is melodic and evokes fluent but accented English, exactly as the reader expects Michèle to sound. Her tone ranges from elegiac to loving to frustrated (“How many times in the last ten years have I repeated you ought to see a specialist”) to self-pitying and to resigned. This love letter to friendship ends by considering what we are willing to do for those we love, and what obstacles even friendship may be unable to overcome.”
Shelf Awareness

“An honest look at the many feelings an individual goes through as they watch someone they love struggle to stay alive…an interesting take on a sad but true aspect of life.” —New York Daily News

“This novel about friendship is everything a friend should be—tender, wise, dogged and unflinching. Halberstadt writes without affectation, but with considerable ambition, laying bare the limits of our loyalties, even to our better selves. This is a marvel of a book.” —Robin Kirman, author of Bradstreet Gate

“In Mon amie américaine, Halberstadt delves into the intimacies of friendship between women, and sensitively and brilliantly explores the fault lines inherent in all relationships.” —Peter Nichols, author of The Rocks

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