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Publication Date: Mar 29, 2011

300 pp


List Price US: $12.99

ISBN: 978-1-59051-504-4

The Folded World

A Novel by the Author of Sea Wife

“A tightly written and emotionally satisfying novel…Gaige is extraordinarily adept at revealing her characters’ personalities in just a few words.” —New York Times Book Review

The Folded World will appeal to readers who like to dive into the muck of internal and interpersonal conflicts, and break the surface with breath born of insight and empathy. Amity Gaige’s second novel lives up to the reputation she earned with her first one, as an original, compelling voice.” —Chicago Tribune, Best Books of the Year

“In reading [The Folded World] I was struck by three things: Gaige’s crystalline prose, the three-dimensionality of all of her characters, even the minor ones, and her ability to convey the darkness in the mind’s of Charlie’s clients, who are suffering from schizophrenia or other mental illnesses. Gaige takes what is really just an ordinary plot (boy meets girl; boy marries girl; problems ensue) and offers us something very special indeed” —Nancy Pearl on NPR

“In her exquisitely written second novel, Gaige explores the ups and downs of a fragile, mostly joyful young relationship: Charlie’s over-commitment to his mentally ill clients; Alice’s fleeting attraction to a bookstore clerk; their infant daughter’s first, tentative steps. The bitterness and disillusion of marriage have been thoroughly plumbed in contemporary fiction; Gaige is one of the rare novelists who is more interested in its potential for happiness and grace.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Idealistic young social worker Charlie Shade tries to save his psychiatric patients, but puts his marriage and sanity at risk. Gaige offers striking prose and layered explorations of relationship boundaries and madness.” —The Boston Globe