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Publication Date: Sep 10, 2013

336 pp


List Price US: $15.95

ISBN: 978-1-59051-632-4

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The Professor of Truth

A Novel

“[The Professor of Truth] provides the framework for a deeper philosophical treatment of justice and loss and grief, all well served by Robertson’s measured, literary prose. Robertson makes a case for the messy complexity of truth.” —Publishers Weekly

“Robertson writes brilliantly about the quest for truth and hints at the possibility of personal redemption and transformation.” —Kirkus (starred review)

“Impressively blends the political with the personal, and a healthy dash of the metaphysical, as well. Robertson knows that it’s often the pursuit of truth, regardless of the truth itself, by which we should measure the work of a man’s life.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The Professor of Truth moves at the quick pace you’d expect from a thriller, but it’s more contemplative and thoughtful. It’s a well-rounded novel that will leave you thinking long after the last pages are turned.” —S. Krishna’s Books

“Thought-provoking and engaging, Robertson’s novel is a literary thriller with a conscience.” —The Plain Dealer

“[A] brilliant portrayal of grief, loss, of how little justice there really is in the world…[The Professor of Truth] is a thought-provoking tragedy of someone imprisoned by his certainty…Robertson, who is one of Scotland’s more respected novelists—and deservedly so—may well have accomplished what he set out to do in revitalizing public awareness of the Lockerbie bombing.—TruthDig

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