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Publication Date: Jan 16, 2018

416 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-788-8

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The Second Winter

A Novel

“A great historical novel, a touching family saga, and a noir wartime thriller all rolled into one terrific narrative.” —Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author

“[A] richly narrated story that brings the horrors of the Holocaust and the merciless depravities that accompany war into vivid focus. There is a remarkable cinematic quality to the novel, from the barrenness of Jutland to what remains of the glitter of Copenhagen. An absolute page-turner and a discussion-group leader’s dream.” —Booklist

“Larsen creates a darkly sensual world in which evil impulses often triumph, but not always.”—Kirkus Review

“Larsen’s (Mania) impressive second novel is filled with compelling though not always attractive characters. A solid choice for adventurous readers.” —Library Journal

“The Second Winter captures not the lives of soldiers on the battlefield, but those of simple people living on the edges.” —Foreword Reviews

“The Second Winter by Craig Larsen is a book impossible to put down even when you wish you could.” —New York Journal of Books

“These disparate lives cross in unexpected ways, making the ending satisfying without sacrificing the complexity of characters Larsen has so carefully created. This novel is a fresh approach to the abuses of both the occupier and the occupied in a period of history that continues to surprise us with its dark,dirty secrets.” —Historical Novel Society

“[Larsen] excels at capturing tone and building tension; once you’re into the main plot it’s hard to put the book down. You can practically see the dirt from the sty on Frederik’s clothes, feel the cold driving nails into Oskar’s hands, feel the hot anguish Amalia suffers at the hands of the family’s wealthy landlady as well as in her own home. It’s a time that’s so emotionally charged, but this perspective is different from so many that we see.” — Woman Around Town

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