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Publication Date: Apr 4, 2023

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A Fire in My Head

Poems for the Dawn


africa is a reality not seen
a dream not understood
its wars are the scab of a wound
its famine the cracking of seeds
its dictatorships a child torturing
beetles in a field.

its soul’s older than atlantis
and like all things old,
it’s being reborn,
and doesn’t know it.

countless cycles of civilisation
and destruction are lost in its memory
but not in its myths.

africa is a living enigma
an old woman taken for a child
a wise man taken for a fool
a beggar who is also a great king.


ignorance thinks there’s black and white
ignorance thinks there’s them and us
ignorance thinks of outsiders and insiders
ignorance thinks about skin and not heart
ignorance thinks one race is better than another
ignorance thinks people should be kept apart
ignorance thinks nothing unites us all
ignorance fears the foreign and unknown
ignorance is the soul of cowardice and fear
ignorance speaks and darkness forms in the air
ignorance will destroy this world with hate
wisdom with light will change that fate

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