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Publication Date: Sep 24, 2019

160 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-153-4

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A Novel

by Peter Stamm Translated by Michael Hofmann

“A kind of parable…simple and haunting.” —New York Review of Books

Agnes is a moody, unsettled, and elusive little fable—and it’s always interesting.” —Wall Street Journal

“A haunting psychological study.” —The New Yorker

“A provocative and mesmerizing book.” —Publishers Weekly

“An urgent and unsettling read.” —Library Journal

“This short novel should appeal to readers enchanted by [Stamm’s] elliptical style…an extended meditation on the interrelationship between life and fiction.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This tale moves briskly and plausibly toward the dark conclusion it announces at the outset. Stamm manages to dramatize the truism that writers become caught up in the world their words create, that readers become enamored of characters in fiction, and both mourn when characters suffer…gripping…unsettling.” —Booklist