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Publication Date: Feb 12, 2019

448 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-884-7

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Any Means Necessary

A Leona Lindberg Thriller

by Jenny Rogneby Translated by Agnes Broomé

“Edgy…Rapid-fire cuts between narrators convey the vicious uncertainties of Leona’s near-sociopathic hallucinogenic struggle to pay off her debt and make a better life for her school-aged daughter. Rogneby draws effectively on her background in criminology and experience as a Stockholm police detective.” —Publishers Weekly

“As a character, Leona asks a lot of the reader. She is savvy, decisive, and resourceful, in many ways admirable, but she is also relentlessly selfish, willing to inflict pain and misery to get what she wants…She differs from typical noir antiheroes—she’s not a disappointed idealist but rather an amoral pragmatist. But never mind. This installment is more completely plotted and more involving than the first, and if Leona seems a little inhuman, well that’s Leona being Leona. Leona’s back! Lock the henhouse!” —Kirkus Reviews

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