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Publication Date: Nov 22, 2022

96 pp


List Price US: $15.99

ISBN: 978-1-63542-201-6


List Price US: $25.99

ISBN: 978-1-63542-200-9

Trim Size: 7.18 x 10.30 x 0.45 in.

Big Man and the Little Men

A Graphic Novel

“The plot of this vibrant narrative traffics in murky waters.” —New York Times

“Clifford Thompson’s Big Man and the Little Men is charming, disarming, and anomalous—a graphic novel grounded in the virtues of traditional fiction, rather than being a pictorial metafiction or essay. That’s to say, it’s a page-turner, with memorable characters and a genuinely clever plot, leavened with rueful wit and wisdom. It ties itself to our world without ever neglecting also to be a thrilling diversion.” —Jonathan Lethem, award-winning author of The Feral Detective and Motherless Brooklyn

“A timely exploration of political lesser evils and complicated truths.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] hand-drawn debut that piercingly bares the behind-the-scenes manipulations of a contentious presidential campaign…Thompson expertly, disturbingly confronts readers with the impossible-to-determine line between right and wrong.” —Booklist

“Address[es] thorny social issues with a counterintuitively gentle touch…Thompson’s art has a straightforwardness that allows readers to practically see the gears turning in the characters’ minds…for all the political intrigue afoot, Big Man and the Little Men never ceases to be April’s story—and it’s the sort that lingers.” —Shelf Awareness

“Clifford Thompson’s Big Man and the Little Men, like the author himself, is warm, unpretentious, complicated, and very, very smart. It’s also page-turningly fun to read. Thompson’s approachable drawings come alive on the page, creating people you’d like to get to know—especially as they’re nearly all people trying, somehow, to be their best selves. A political thriller with surprising twists and turns about power, America, and how childhood friendships mature into adulthood, Thompson’s book takes advantage of the graphic novel’s peculiar ability to look at its characters while looking into why politics, journalism—and, especially, life’s tangled contradictions and compromises—matter at this most dire moment for our nation.” —Chris Ware, author of Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth

“Does a wrong sometimes make a right? This is one of the provocative questions Clifford Thompson raises in this striking tale for our times, Big Man and the Little Men. You won’t soon forget the complicated and wonderfully hand-drawn characters in this story. As Thompson’s work always does, it’ll draw you in (forgive the pun) and make you think.” —Martha Southgate, author of The Fall of Rome

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