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Publication Date: Jun 17, 2003

360 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-017-9

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Brain and the Inner World

An Introduction to the Neuroscience of the Subjective Experience

“Solms and his colleagues are making a brilliant, determined, scrupulous, and (one wants to say) tactful endeavor to approach, in a new way, the oldest question of all—the mysterious relation of body and mind.”
—Oliver Sacks, from his Foreword

“This is erudite and fascinating. The authors show us that modern neuroscience allows us to find neurological correlates of some basic psychoanalytical concepts, but in doing so, and this is important, they do not fall into the reductionist explanations so dominant in neuroscience today. Their approach is refreshing and their arguments are well reasoned.”
—Lesley Rogers, author of Sexing the Brain

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