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Publication Date: Jun 7, 2022

160 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-63542-064-7

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Captain Ni'mat's Last Battle

A Novel

by Mohamed Leftah Translated by Lara Vergnaud

“Alluring…graphic and sensuous without being prurient, and a piquant exploration of masculinity, gender, societal taboos, and the nature of love.” —Publishers Weekly

“Thought provoking and engaging, with well-realized characters and a satisfying conclusion.” —Booklist

“Leftah is highly regarded in the francophone literary world (‘An observer of the abyss. A champion of delight’)…[Captain Ni’mat’s Last Battle is] a stylish and intelligent read…a landmark statement in Egypt’s exciting national conversation.” —The Spectator

“I read this gorgeous book in one sitting. The writing is poetic and breathtaking, rich with history. A must-read…Captain Ni’mat’s Last Battle is so riveting!” —Hasan Namir, Lambda Literary Award–winning author of God in Pink

“Hidden behind this novel, with its refined erotic writing style, is above all a highly subversive work.” —Télérama

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