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Publication Date: Aug 27, 2013

240 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-595-2

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Days in the History of Silence

A Novel

This remarkable novel explores the theme of silence in many different forms—a children’s game, a refuge, a lie, a punishment, a solution—and shows its impact on those who long to be spoken to….The prose is simple and elegant, revealing an extraordinary talent.”Publishers Weekly

This deeply intimate character portrait dwells in the intersection of nostalgia, loss, and forgotten histories… Bruce’s translation allows Lindstrøm’s sparse and evocative prose to shine, giving equal weight to both highly dramatic and domestically mundane events. Fans of Anne Holt, Nicholas Mosley, and Max Frisch will savor Days in the History of Silence.”Booklist

“A painful, yet inspiring novel, Days in the History of Silence lingers in the reader’s mind and heart and does not let go.” —Jewish Book Council

[A]n elegant meditation on the destructive power of family secrets and hidden pasts…Days in the History of Silence is a masterclass in philosophical dilemma, with the razor-sharp edge of a taut psychological thriller. The National

“In gentle, precise, and thoughtful prose Lindstrøm relates how a dramatic past slowly breaks into an elderly woman’s life and consciousness.” —The Nordic Council

[E]ngrossing. The layers of silence that are stacked so neatly within this narrative are skillfully and precisely constructed, so that peeling one back only releases another.”Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A quiet and unnerving masterpiece. Norway Times

“Lindstrøm interweaves past and present in an intricate and gradually highly suggestive tale that makes use of a sober, simple language. In masterly fashion, she shows how remaining silent isolates the narrator Eva and her husband Simon from a sense of belonging they both actually long for…By means of a finely tuned, simple language [Lindstrøm]…expands out small everyday circles so that they become part of the large historical circle in which we all findourselves.Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature Judgment

“An intimate and intense narrative about losing oneself through losing other people…. One of this year’s most memorable novels.” Sindre Hovdenakk, Verdens Gang

“In unobtrusive, elegant, and incisive prose, [Lindstrøm] has produced a drama of everyday life that insinuates itself under the reader’s skin.”Turid Larsen, Dagsavisen

“Stylish and clever. Merethe Lindstrøm is not only an outstanding, but also an intelligent stylist…This novel is one of the best she has written to date.”Margunn Vikingstad, Dag Øg Tid

“The simplicity of the language and the domesticity of the surroundings make it an immersing read…[Days in the History of Silence] will stay with you long after you put the book down…” —Bookslut

“Merethe Lindstrøm provides a strong philosophical tale as she makes a profound argument that the past never fully vanishes since the ghosts of yesteryear haunt the present.”Genre Go Round Reviews

“A fascinating novel…” —Hudson Valley News

“A very powerful novel, impressively done.”Complete Review

“Remarkably beautiful…prose that lingers long after being read.” —Calamus

“[A] searing work of imagination.” —The Free Lance-Star

“Quietly mesmerizing.” —We Love This Book

[Days in the History of Silence] provides a great deal to think about and a great deal to admire.” —A Life In Books

“[Q]uietly stunning.” —Library Journal

“[T]his is a powerful, emotional, and never-to-be-forgotten novel of pure honesty.” —Seeing the World Through Books

“Elegant and thought-provoking…a highly focused and intelligent read, brimful of humanity, wisdom and psychological insight. [Days in the History of Silence is] infused with a gentle melancholia and leaves one aching to be upfront and transparent with the ones you love.” –Reading Matters

“A beautiful and strange book.” —Journal of Imaginary People

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