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Publication Date: Feb 1, 2011

240 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-399-6

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Enough About Love

A Novel by the Bestselling Author of The Anomaly

Sammy lives in a one-bedroom apartment on the rue de Grenelle, just where the Seventh Arrondissement likes to think it is already part of the Latin Quarter: high ceilings, bourgeois furnishings, views onto a massive paved courtyard. It would be improbably luxurious for an employee of the National Center for Scientific Research if the researcher’s father were not involved in banking in Lausanne. The guests, about thirty of them, seem to be regulars, but their conversations only rarely roam in the direction of their private lives. Thomas circulates discreetly from one group to another: someone else might have fun diagnosing a case of hysteria here, a breakdown pending there, the odd depression. Thomas knows how social posturing can mislead with its pretences, appearances, and control. He forbids himself any opinions.
He quickly notices a young woman with short blond hair, pale eyes, and a lot of people around her. She is leaning against the wall in the huge hallway, holding an orange-colored cocktail glass, its surface quivering from her voluble conversation. Thomas moves closer, listens. He grasps that she is a lawyer…
With a pretty flick of her hand she pushes back a drooping lock of hair, suddenly notices him, and smiles at him: Thomas knows instantly that he is caught, and is happy to be.

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