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Publication Date: Aug 31, 2021

192 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-63542-186-6

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Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers: Revised and Updated Edition

An Essential Guide to Managing Prostate Cancer for Patients and Their Families

“A provocative and frank look at the bewildering world of prostate cancer, from the current state of the multibillion-dollar industry to the range of available treatments…Prostate cancer is a dark and mysterious country, and Mr. Blum and Dr. Scholz are good, levelheaded guides through these thickets. And in telling men to slow up and take a deep breath after they learn they have prostate cancer, they provide an invaluable service.” —New York Times

“There are at least half a million reasons—the number of prostate cancer diagnoses in the U.S. and Europe—to read this engaging diary/resource written from the alternating perspectives of doctor and patient…Here’s good advice based on the brave experiences of two compatible souls and medical mavericks.” —Publishers Weekly

“An indispensable guide for newly diagnosed and aging males, and their loved ones.” —Booklist

“Prostate cancer, when it is the ‘favorable risk’ variety—about 90% of the time—presents a perfect opportunity to use mainstream and alternative medicine together. In their excellent book, authors Scholz and Blum give a compelling demonstration of this integrative approach to healing.” —Andrew Weil, MD, New York Times bestselling author

Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers is a masterpiece of eye-opening science that promises to enhance the lives of thousands of men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. I give it my highest recommendation.” —Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Womens Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Some might consider it a mistake to respond with humor when you are faced with cancer. I say it takes courage, and is a sorely needed remedy—especially when the humor is combined with good sense and state-of-the-art information. As a clinical psychologist who specializes in men’s health issues, I say, ‘Bravo, Scholz and Blum!’” —Aaron Kipnis, PhD, author of Knights Without Armor and What Women and Men Really Want

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