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Publication Date: Jun 3, 2008

380 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-295-1

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Kafka Comes to America

Fighting for Justice in the War on Terror - A Public Defender's Inside Account

The Seattle Times
"This is an ingenious book…a compelling story of two men wrongly imprisoned, and a legal system that makes it no easy thing to help them."

The Midwest Book Review
"A grand and important must read for anyone questioning the protection of our civil liberties."

Publishers Weekly
Starred review

“Federal public defender Wax masterfully delivers a harrowing story of the erosion of civil liberties after the September 11 terrorist attacks in a powerful testimony that reads like a thriller. . Wax offers personal insight and professional outrage; his is a powerful voice that deserves to reach all Americans.”

Clive Stafford Smith
Founder and Legal Director of Reprieve (UK); author of Eight O’Clock Ferry to the Windward Side

“Steven Wax’s office has done some of the best work of any lawyers when it comes to exposing the truth about prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. It is important for the international community to take notice of this eloquently told account.”

Kris Olson
U.S. Attorney for Oregon (1994-2001) and author of Standing Tall

“Steven Wax vividly portrays how chillingly close we have come to forsaking our foundational beliefs of justice and liberty. Precisely because he is devoted to deeply-held American values, this book has the power to promote effective activism against a government that has lost its way. Wax writes with authority, both moral and legal.”

Joseph Margulies
author of Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power

“Some day, the United States will leave its post-9/11 cave. But principles wither with prolonged disuse, and if we emerge with ours intact, it will be in some measure because of courageous lawyers like Steve Wax.”

Phillip Margolin
author of Executive Privilege
“Wax’s true story is heart-wrenching and as scary as any fictional thriller. This is a must read for anyone who cares about maintaining the freedoms that make this country great.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Those interested in an inside account of how attorneys represent unpopular clients will learn a great deal from the behind-the-scenes strategy sessions detailed here… offers important insights into what can happen when overzealous prosecutors believe that the ends justify any means”