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Publication Date: Oct 17, 2006

144 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-179-4

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Like Wind, Like Wave

California Bookwatch, Diane Donovan

It’s hard to peg this title: not completely psychoanalytic treatise but more than a memoir, it stands out from the crowd in using the author’s years of analytical experience to comment on anecdotes gleaned from personal experience. The result draws many important connections between experience and psychology.

Valley Scene Magazine, Rory L. Aronsky

As Bolognini is a well-educated psychoanalyst, he has a lot of that kind of knowledge to discuss. And it’s in topics you’d never think would be cause for it. But in everything, there is something, as Bolognini seems to indicate through his own life….The inimitable talent of Bolognini is how involved one can get in reading what he believes…Even if you’re not interested in psychoanalysis or psychiatry in general, there’s a lot to glean from Bolognini’s stories, especially in looking back through our own lives through his thoughts and perhaps seeing something new.

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