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Publication Date: Dec 11, 2012

336 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-624-9

Mendel's Dwarf

Like his great-great-great-uncle, geneticist Gregor Mendel, Dr. Benedict Lambert struggles to unlock the secrets of heredity and genetic determinism. However, Benedict’s mission is particularly urgent and particularly personal, for he was born with achondroplasia–he’s a dwarf. He’s also a man desperate for love and acceptance, and when he finds both in Jean, a shy librarian, he stumbles upon an opportunity to correct the injustice of his own, at least to him, unlucky genes.

Entertaining and tender, this witty and surprisingly erotic novel reveals the beauty and drama of scientific inquiry as it informs us of the simple passions against which even the most brilliant mind is rendered powerless.

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