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Publication Date: Mar 10, 2020

160 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-63542-998-5

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Schrödinger's Dog

A Novel

by Martin Dumont Translated by John Cullen

“[This] rich, somber debut plumbs a father-son relationship to meditate on the fictions people create to endure loss…Dumont offers powerful philosophical insight into questions of what people owe one another and the value of subjective belief.” —Publishers Weekly

“Dumont deftly describes a quiet intimacy…A book that, even despite us, opens the heart…Dumont knows how to guide his reader right to the end.” —ActuaLitté

“A first novel of remarkable skill and emotion.” —Page des libraires

“A marvelous, perceptive, and poignant book…Beautifully written.” —Lecturama