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Publication Date: Mar 16, 2021

160 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-63542-079-1


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The Art of Wearing a Trench Coat


A baker’s dozen of short stories that hinge on three types of love: between couples, and toward one’s parents and one’s children.

This slim, intimate volume of thirteen stories explores paternal, filial, and spousal love (and disappointment, and nostalgia, and panic) through a narrator who bemoans his inability to wear a trench coat well, and who finally accuses himself of being “pusillanimous.” Yet in these encounters and these endings, in these details and these feelings, a compassionate, small portrait of a life emerges.

Terse, droll, sometimes absurd but always lucid, Pàmies casts his gaze on the urge to write as seen through his mother’s final days; on his teenage fantasy that his father was actually Jorge Semprún; and on situations such as adopting a dog to staunch a failing marriage, or a father asked to play the part of a corpse in his son’s short film. In this phantasmagoria of failure and loss, Pàmies confronts us—drawing us in with his use of the second person address—with the omnipresence of well-intentioned lies despite which it may be impossible to ever make anyone else happy.