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Publication Date: Sep 28, 2021

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The State of Israel vs. the Jews

by Sylvain Cypel Translated by William Rodarmor

Praise for Walled:

“[Cypel] writes with the ardor of a believer and the critical eye of a distant observer, producing a nuanced assault on the blindness and inertia that have afflicted both sides [of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict].” —The New Yorker

“This scathing indictment probes Israel’s soul as much as the substance of its treatment of the Palestinians…an impassioned, often perceptive challenge to the Israeli consensus.” —Publishers Weekly

“With the passion of an investigative journalist and the patience of a historian, Cypel describes how a culture of denial has strangled both [Israeli and Palestinian] societies…Cypel is a gifted writer, and his book is recommended for anyone with a background and interest in this timely topic…[His] arguments are riveting.” —Foreword Reviews