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Publication Date: Sep 29, 2020

304 pp


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The Turncoat

A Novel

by Siegfried Lenz Translated by John Cullen

“While the novel was way ahead of the curve in 1951, today it is immensely relevant. Nationalist tendencies are on the rise all over the globe, the desire for strong leaders and simple answers to complex questions is more and more prevalent. The Turncoat deals with issues that are highly urgent today; therefore, it is a novel ripe for adaptation. Lenz has succeeded in facing these complex questions of guilt and responsibility on a deeply human level. He tells this through the viewpoint of his characters so we can not only relate to and understand their emotions but live through them as well.” —Florian Gallenberger, Academy Award–winning director

“First, this is quite a surprise, and second, after reading the book, a sensation. The Turncoat is a brilliant novel, adding an impressive work to Lenz’s output, and thus to German postwar literature.” —Der Spiegel