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Publication Date: Oct 31, 2023

304 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-63542-395-2

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The Wizard of the Kremlin

A Novel

by Giuliano da Empoli Translated by Willard Wood

“A novel exploring the inner workings of [Putin’s] government that has captivated France…has become a popular guide for understanding [his] motives.” —New York Times

“Empoli is a skilled storyteller and with such rich material to hand it is unsurprising that [The Wizard of the Kremlin] is compelling and convincing, fully deserving of its bestseller status…Its literary achievement elevates the novel above a reductive political analysis of the workings of the Kremlin, bringing it at times closer to Dostoevsky than an academic article or an op-ed.” —New Statesman

“A must-read for anyone wondering what Russian President Vladimir Putin is up to and what the Russian people have had to go through during his tenure…this powerful book…is a page-turner.” —Foreign Policy

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