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Publication Date: May 14, 2019

192 pp


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Life of David Hockney

A Novel

by Catherine Cusset Translated by Teresa Fagan

“Stylish…lucidly written, adheres closely to the outlines of Mr. Hockney’s life…novels about artists have certain advantages over straight biographies…the autobiographical roots of art have never been more clear.” —Deborah Solomon, New York Times

“As sunny as the poolside California that was the artist’s longtime muse…an affirming vision of a restless talent propelled by optimism and chance…Cusset captures the psyche of a painter.” —New York Times Book Review

“Vivid scenes…combine with loving descriptions of Hockney’s canvases to create an engaging chronicle.” —The New Yorker

“Reading Life of David Hockney somehow mimics the experience of looking at a painting by the artist…vivid…compelling.” —The Economist

“Moving, amusing, and engaging. The novel is a breezy read, easily enjoyed on a chaise beside a Hockney swimming pool.” —Los Angeles Times

“A deeply researched novel…It recounts in detail the path of Mr. Hockney…from modest circumstances in northern England to the heights of the art world.” —Wall Street Journal

“A delicate, empathetic writer unabashedly following Hockney from his birth in 1937 with sympathy and understanding…Cusset gets him—you should too.” —Boston Herald

“A perfect short exposé of Hockney’s life.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[A] tour de force…Cusset brilliantly integrates the selectivity of detail enjoyed by a novelist with the more formal structure usually exercised in a nonfiction account.” —Booklist

“Cusset writes well and clearly…and tells the story of Hockney’s life with economy and style…compelling.” —Los Angeles Review of Books

“An inviting and entertaining portrait…Cusset’s brisk, engaging novel manages to leave readers with a sense that they know Hockney more intimately than if they’d try to plow through an art history tome.” —The Millions, Three Must-Read Novels About Artists

“A masterpiece…A daring blend of biography and novel, [Life of David Hockney] captures Hockney’s work with a deep, captivating sense of empathy and understanding.” —Bookstr

“A gem…Cusset’s imaginative novel captures the journey through time of Hockney’s life.” —New York Journal of Books“A compelling exposé on the life of one of the most revered (and financially successful) living artists of our time. Part biography, part novel, Cusset boldly weaves fiction and fact to paint a colorful portrait of the gay artist.” —The Advocate, The Best LGBTQ Novels We Discovered This Year

“A dazzling portrait of a man striving for a life at odds with the world. Beautiful, fascinating, and heartrending—this book amazes. I couldn’t put it down.” —Nick White, author of Sweet and Low

“Cusset magnificently pays homage to the artist, revisiting half a century of art history.” —Lire

“At the heart of this exercise in admiration, David Hockney is not only the artist who loves swimming pools, beautiful boys, trees, and the English countryside. He also appears as a fragile hero.” —L’Obs

“A work halfway between novel and biography, which plunges us into the fascinating world of the famous British figurative artist.” —La Presse